Thursday, 8 January 2015

Unboxing: BTS - Dark & Wild

Contents of album: 1 disc, 2 photocards, 2 postcards and a photo book. 

Track List:
1. Intro What Am I To You?
2. Danger
3. War of Hormone 
4. Hip Hop Phile
5. Let Me Know
6. Rain
7. Bts Cypher Pt.3: Killer
8. Interlude: What Are You Doing Now
9. Could You Turn Off Your Cell Phone
10. Embarrassed 
11. 24/7=heaven 
12. Look Here
13. So 4 More
14. Outro: Do You Think It Makes Sense?

Cost: $30AUD purchased from eBay. 

*note* sorry for the poor quality photos they were taken with my phone.

The actual box itself looks exactly as the album cover does, which I like. The box has subtle rainbow undertones when it's in the sun which is really cute and clever. In general I was really happy with the packaging it's very simple but effective. The only negative point is that there is not track list on the actual box.


*note* It wasn't this messy I messed it up



The box comes with two photocards, each box comes with one group card and one single member photocard. Regardless I was very fortunate to receive my bias, the adorable V. The photo is awkwardly adorable and i'm so pleased I received it. The group photocard's can vary from album to album but I was again very happy with the one I received I mean, LOOK AT JIMIN AND JUNGKOOK. I didn't take a picture of the back but usually photocards come with printed signatures at the back, although these didn't, It was basically just the album cover which was a little disappointing but no complaints here. 


In every album you receive the same two postcards. The first postcard is a trademark cartoon doodle of the boys which you can expect to receive in any album you buy from BTS. It is honestly the cutest thing ever and I adore it so freaking much and it's probably one of my favourite things iv'e ever received as i'm a sucker for those sort of things. It is happily residing on my wall for all of eternity. I have no idea what the second one is but it looks cool.  


The overall aesthetic of the book is very dark as the title would suggest but it is fairly thick and binned which is a bonus. The photo's are spread into 3 central themes. 

The first portion of the book is shots of the boys with writing over it I guess relating to the central theme of the album which is love hurting and causing unwanted emotions. Each member has a double page spread than it moves into the next portion. 

The next set of shots are similar to the first set, although it has no writing just occasional x doodles all over them, however these pictures were hot as fuck and I barley survived flipping through the pages. 

The final proper set of photos has a camera roll thought of vibe which is pretty cute and more decorative than the rest of the photobook. 

The lyric portion of the book is very cute, each song has lyrics with little doodles on it, it's all in hangul so I can't read it but still. 


Each member has a personalized letter, judging by seeing some of them directed to the A.R.M.Y which is such a sweet sentiment especially as it's in each members own handwriting. Unfortunately I did not come with an english translation, so I'll have to translate it all.